ABC & 123 History of early Education 1921-1950, Vol. 2


ABC & 123 History of early Education 1921-1950 Vol. 2-230 Pages


This history of area schools includes maps, charts, photos, newspaper articles, class and staff lists, and great stories. This would be a great resource for your school library. And if you or your alumni association wants to write the history of your school, this may be just the foundation you need.

ABC and 123 is divided into two volumes. Volume One covers 1850-1920. Volume Two includes 1921-1950, although it actually has much later information because it was necessary in order tell “the rest of the story” of some schools. A companion book for either volume is the School Directory for ABC and 123. The directory has maps, locations, staff names, school names, old town names, etc. and enrollment lists for most of the schools of the late 1800s. Volume 2-230 pages.


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